About Ascot

Taste the Tranquility

Ascot Hotel is your boutique destination, an escape from teeming metropolitan into the historical beauty, private pool, garden breakfast café and the unique serenity.

Büyükada is the largest of the Princes' Islands, an escape from teeming metropolitan Istanbul, where life moves at a slower pace with no cars or traffic.

Ascot Hotel is the boutique destination, a short ferry trip from the mainland, a short walk or phaeton ride from the harbour.

22 ensuite guest rooms with balconies offer elegant stylish accommodation and best of all, a comfortable bed for a perfect night's repose.

It's the ideal base to relax, recharge, and explore the beauty & history of the island and of Istanbul.

Private Pool
Surrounded by Flowers
Garden Café
Breakfast & Coffee
Café Rainbow
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Facilities and Amenities

Ascot Hotel Büyükada offers you unique facilities and amenities so you can enjoy your time in Büyükada with even more joy and tranquility. From Private Pool to Garden Cafe and from Cafe Rainbow to Breakfast Service you will find the most unique and tasteful things to spend your time on the island with great fun.